Hello, My name is Melissa Vargo Carlini and I have been passionately capturing photographs of the world around us since December 2009. When I was in high school, years ago, I took a photography class and I fell in love!! Those were the days when your photos were captured on rolls of film and they taught us how to develop the film ourselves without having to send it out to a lab to process it for us. The whole process was so very cool but about a month into my classes, I had to drop out due to medical reasons and the chemicals in the developers. I quickly buried my camera away along with the memories of the passion I once had for it.  Flash forward many, many years to 2009. I was encouraged by my now fiance, Donnie, to pick up my camera again and “just take pictures” he said. “I want to see what you see. See what you find interesting. See what you look at everyday.” So I did. 🙂 And boy am I thankful I did!!!! Besides having a plethora of photo files stored on many external hard drives…I now also have something to look at when I want to reminisce. I wish I had picked up my camera again sooner than I did. I sit here now and think back over the years of all the people that are no longer here with us that I wish I had just one more photo of. I also think of all the many fun activities and adventures with my girls when they were little that I don’t have many photos of but at least I have a few. I wish I had more. So now I tend to take too many photos (is that even possible??!! I think not!!) for fear of missing that one special moment.
I love taking wildlife photos and landscape photos, especially sunsets. I am now venturing into the aspect of selling my photography. I am debating on whether or not to expand my photography to Portrait Photography but honestly, I prefer to photograph people candidly when they have no idea I am taking their photo. The raw emotion that you capture in a person when they have no idea that camera is pointed at them is really pretty amazing. They are at their most natural then, I think. I also love to take a photo from my camera and open it up in my editing software and just play with it. What I usually end up creating really catches your attention. Sometimes those creations come from multiple images put together to make a brand new image and sometimes those creations are tweaked just a little bit to enhance the focal point of the original photo or to just sharpen the colors just a little bit more. I would love to have a showcase gallery here of my before and after shots. That is a project I intend to do at some point in time. I think it will be neat to see the differences between the two images. 🙂

I mainly shoot with my Nikon D5100, although sometimes I catch that really cool shot with my cell phone camera which is an LG V10. I also use my trusty Nikon CoolPix P100 as my “go to camera” for awesome Moon shots 🙂 My main editing software is Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 but I also use Photo Pos Pro (1 or 3) occasionally.