“A Welcome Sight”
©2011 Melissa Vargo Carlini  http://sweetmelissavphotography.com

We moved into our house in Cranberry Township in November 2010 so when the weather started to warm up a little bit in March of 2011…it was a welcome sight to see signs of spring popping in our new yard. Considering we had no idea what was planted where by previous owners over the years…this sight was a very nice little surprise!! I am not very good with growing plants or flowers, so to see these beauties blooming all around MY yard that year was amazing to me!!

This photo was taken with my Nikon CoolPix P100 and tone mapped it a little in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 to enhance the details in the leaves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this special creation!! I hope you have enjoyed it!! If you would like to purchase this work of art, please feel free to leave a comment below OR send me a message via the CONTACT US page 🙂




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