“Until We Meet Again”
©2012 Melissa Vargo Carlini  http://sweetmelissavphotography.com

This work of art was so fun to create!! There are actually 4 different photographs, or components of 4 different photographs compiled together with a texture background and a texture layer added to the whole creation. The kitty cat featured in this creation was our kitty named Mater (“you know, like TOWmater without the Tah”). Mater was my younger daughter, Madalin’s kitty cat and her favorite movie at the time we adopted him was “Cars”. He passed away in 2011 from unexpected health complications. I decided to create this work of art to honor him. He was one of the coolest cats we have ever known! He had the most outgoing personality and spunk!! We miss him so much!

The photos used were taken in various locations. The photo of Mater was taken in our living room when we lived in Fort Drum, NY in 2010…the photos of the butterflies were taken in my mommy’s garden in Franklin Park, PA in 2010 and the two sets of flower photos were taken at Sackets Harbor, NY in 2010 also. The texture was given to me by my fiance. All of these photos where taken with  my Nikon CoolPix P100 and my Nikon D5100. All editing work was done in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this special creation!! I hope you have enjoyed it!! If you would like to purchase this work of art, please feel free to leave a comment below OR send me a message via the CONTACT US page 🙂



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