“Posing For Peanuts”
©2012 Melissa Vargo Carlini  http://sweetmelissavphotography.com

One afternoon while it was snowing lightly, my little squirrel friend, whom my fiance named Anna, was hanging out on my fence once again. I walked out to my driveway to see how close to her and the fence she would let me get with my camera and I was surprised to see that after a year of knowing me…she let me get about 5 feet from her before she got a little nervous. I captured this shot of her just as she put her paws on the fence and started to look like she was going to lean forward to leave right as I was asking her if she wanted some fresh peanuts. She stopped and hung out right at the fence waiting for me to give her peanuts. 🙂 I think she loves that we moved here because she gets A LOT of treats!! 🙂

This photo was taken in my yard in Cranberry Township, PA with my Nikon D5100 and cropped in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4. I added a soft focus to it too so that it would bring more attention to her and not to the greenery behind her.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my photo…I hope you enjoy it! If you would like to purchase this work of art, please visit the listing at my Etsy shop 🙂


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